Eat Clean and Love Yourself Lean!

Slightly sceptical, but i’m going to give it a go!

I love to read about new recipes and all the nutritious advice that goes with them. They always say, that the USA does it first, so i thought i’d look around and get some fresh ideas.

The ‘ love yourself lean‘ program gives loads of recipes and diet advice – without it being boring and tasteless. Motivational support is a must if we’re going to keep on the straight and narrow.

There…. Ordered. I’ll see what happens!!

Top 5 Words to Delete from Your Vocabulary

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In this article we explore how language and self talk impact our ability to motivate ourselves, achieve at high levels and live the life we deserve. We also look at 5 popular dis-empowering words and phrases and replace them with empowering words and phrases to support motivation, success, love, gratitude and achievement.
Let’s get straight to it.
Our actions create our life… Agree? Our thoughts create our actions…. Agree? Our thoughts are communicated to us in the form of language…. Agree? So…how can we live our largest, most expressive and most loving life if we are using vocabulary that makes us smaller, weaker and discouraged.
Do you know anybody, maybe even yourself, who loves to use phrases like: “This only happens to me”, “Life’s a b*tch“, “I caaaaaaaaan’t!”, “Never!”, “I just can’t win”, “I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t”.
The biggest problem with these…

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Sip It Smarter!

I often thought ‘diet’ meant ‘better’. How mistaken was I?!

Guzzling diet versions of fizzy drinks has been linked to a higher risk of type 2 diabetes in women than normal pop. It’s thought that aspartame, the artificial sweetener often used in diet drinks, has a similar negative effect on blood glucose as the sucrose used in ordinary soft drinks.

Swap your can of diet coke for a cup of herbal tea – it’ll be better for your teeth too!


My Beauty Blitz : Skin food

What’s the secret to a clear, glowing complexion? I’ll give you a clue- it doesnt come in a jar, nor do you slather it onto your skin. The key to enhancing your looks lies in what you are putting into your body.

As i’ve ranted about before, we all know that filing up on your five a day is crucial for good health, but if you want an instant beauty upgrade – get yourself a blender. I’ve had mine for a long while now- so it might be a little dated, but still looks good and i use it every day!


Whizzing up a load of fruit and veg, means you can absorb a whole spectrum of nutrients in one hit without placing strain on your digestive system. Taking in lots of tasty goodness in liquid form, fast tracks the lengthy digestive process, allowing the body to focus on absorbing key vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to give your skin and body a fab boost.

My fave at the moment is ‘The skin clearer’ from

What it does: Helps detox the liver

Why it works: Dark green vegetables are a fabulous source of liver cleansing nutrients. As one of the most important systems in the body, the liver filters toxins from our blood and stores fats and sugars, so if your liver isn’t happy, your skin pays the price!

Watercress and rocket are a powerhouse of liver friendly nutrients and their potency is stronger when blitzed into liquid.

Make It!

Blend these ingredients:

Handful of rocket

Handful of watercress

1 sprig of mint

1 sprig of parsley

1/3 apple

7 red grapes

1/2 hass avocado

juice of half a lemon

Have you got any amazing skin clearing recipes?

How to Curb Your Eating, Banish negativity.

We all do it. The time of the month, that amazing food in the restaurant, or stress and emotional issues, all give us the desire to eat more than we can stomach. ‘Our eyes are bigger than our bellies’ motto.

First of all we need to identify our eating patterns, by creating a food diary. Once you’ve identified your triggers, practise this simple coping technique;

Sit in a comfortable chair in a quiet room, counting down from 100 to one, focusing on your breathing. When you rach number one, see yourself in your minds eye in a situation where you would normally start comfort eating, just like you are watching a film of yourself. Now, instead of comfort eating, see yourself taking a deep breath of fresh air, saying to yourself;

I used to comfort eat in the past, now I am a healthy person. Feeling satisfied and in control of yourself.

Watch that film over and over again, every time, dealing with every emotion in a healthy way, such as taking more breaks, resting more or calling a close friend. You must figure out your own healthy replacement habit for each emotion.

Keeping aware of your breath during these exercises will help to anchor it, creating neuropaths that will make it easier for you to manage your emotional eating in real life.

Repeat the exercises as often as possible – at least two or three times per week.

With a bit of encouragement and persistance, we can develop and maintain a positive relationship with our bodies for the rest of our lives.

Now breeeaaatthhe……


Product Labels, read more closely…..

As I approach 30, i’m more conscious of what i’m eating, drinking, and the products I use. Looking closely at labels, alot of them have a similar thing in common;

‘Derived from’. This could mean that a natural ingredient has been so chemically altered it is no longer recognisable.

So what are we putting onto our skin?

Look at where an ingredient sits on the list. By law, the ingredient that is used in highest quantities will be mentioned first.

Some products that are labelled ‘natural’ or ‘herbal’ could still have destroyed habitats, so we must opt for products which have eco certificates!

That is all…

Rediscovering my little teapot!

Last night I was just about to make a cuppa and for some reason I thought I would get out the old tea pot and make a full pot of tea so I could just keep topping myself up during the evening. I got it out again this morning for breakfast and made a big pot of Chai Green tea to accompany my bowl of chopped apple, raspberries and some of my new Mornflake Date, Apple and Fig Muesli (bought for £1 on special offer) with hazelnut and almond rice milk and cinnamon.


I really like this muesli, its so tasty! I definitely think the tea pot has earned its place on my kitchen counter now, I just need a retro tea cosy like this one! so cute….


Ha ha! Reminds me of my nana! While I was looking at the tea cosy’s I also saw these for take out coffee, how cute!


I did all my cleaning and tidying then headed into town to have a look in some vintage shops and get some grocery shopping done in the market. Nothing interesting in the one vintage shop that was actually open, but loads of groceries, check out this haul!


I got all this Fruit and Veg (leek, cabbage, 10 little nectarines, 4 large peaches, 2 punnets of strawberries, 2 punnets of raspberries, 1 punnet of blueberries, bananas, giant cucumber, carrots, beetroot, 3 fuji apples, garden peas, 2 little gems, bag of spinach, 3 peppers, courgette) for just £15! Considering that fruit and vegetables make up the bulk of my diet that’s great value. I also stopped by Holland and Barratt and couldn’t help myself with the tea! I got some Yogi Rose tea and some Qi Green Tea with berries. I also got some dried blueberries and a pack of omega seed sprinkle for breakfasts, soups and salads.


For lunch I made myself a salad beast. It contained cos lettuce, spinach, cucumber, grated carrot, freshly shelled peas, yellow pepper, beetroot, roasted soya nuts and a goats cheese mini babybel with a dressing made from juice of half a lemon, teaspoon of garlic olive oil and a little dried oregano.


mmm it was amazing!

Now to decide what to have for tea later! xx